Installation shot from Pause, 2016

Installation shot from Pause, 2016

Installation shot from Pause, 2016

Life and Living
89" x 89" installed
Acrylic on wood panel


Our lives are marked by the ebb and flow of choices and consequences, moments and seasons. Examining patterns of movement in water enables me to explore themes of change and rest, while working in series elevates the way parts comprise a whole. I see a parallel in the way small moments compose a meaningful life.

These paintings originate from the act of observing moving water daily. Each panel represents 30 minutes of observation. The repetition of the grid echoes the rhythm of showing up day after day, for a set amount of time with a singular focus. Water in the bath, in a shaken jug, on the windshield, at the Oregon State Wave Lab, in lakes, rivers, and the Pacific Ocean inform the paintings in this ongoing series. 

Water is both spiritual and practical, life-giving and necessary, powerful and gentle, unnerving and soothing. It connects us all.  

Work documented by Nicki Silva Photography